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Being a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of others and every donation,
being big or small, helps.

Below is a list of some ways you can contribute to the Center In The Woods Adult Day Centers
and feel good knowing you are helping those who are not as independent as you are:

     * Cookies (either regular or sugar-free and any name brand).
     * Bring in your aluminum cans - we recycle, and all proceeds go to the Adult
           Day Centers.
     * Remember a loved one who has passed away by a monetary donation in lieu
           of flowers.
     * Donate usable craft supplies such as scissors, glue or glue sticks, poster board,
           construction paper, water soluble paints, paint brushes, etc.
      * Donate bingo prizes. They can be anything from a small knick-knack to a
          scarf or cap-including jewelry, rain hats, note pads, etc. These items
           can be new or used, in good condition and for men or women.
     * Donate bedding plants and/or seeds for the flower and vegetable gardens.
      * The love of music makes is possible for us to accept any CD's or audio tapes,
           especially the big band sounds, songs from the '50's or polkas.
      * Since we have TV's, DVD's and video tape players at each center, DVD's or video
           tapes of old movies and old TV series like the Andy Griffin Show or I Love
      Lucy, etc. new or used will be graciously accepted.
     * Any and all gift cards where any of the above items could be purchased.